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Linda Blue

Linda Blue

Linda Blue

Real Estate Agent

About Me

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma Linda Blue decided it was time for a change and identified Houston because of its diverse population and booming economy. After Linda and her son (Antonio) settled in Houston, she started her career in education and earned a master’s degree in Education from Texas Southern University.

Almost a decade after stepping into the classroom as an elementary teacher, Mrs. Blue realized that Houston would be their forever home and decided to seal the deal by purchasing their first home. As a first-time home buyer, she felt that she was left out of the loop and had to educate herself about the home buying process. After this horrible experience, she realized that her passion to educate, help others, and attention to detail is what every real estate professional should possess. These skills help create an atmosphere where clients feel heard and appreciated. So, after a decade in education, this Marine mom took a leap of faith and became a full-time real estate consultant.

As your agent, Linda will be at your side from listing to closing, ensuring that you get the most money possible from the sale. Linda’s local real estate expertise allows her to determine an optimum pricing strategy so your property will sell. She digs deep to learn the unique selling points of your property and neighborhood, so her marketing plans and strategies effectively target and attract your potential buyers. Therefore, Linda Blue is the right Realtor for your family!

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Heroes Housing provides discounts and financial support, and can save thousands when selling or purchasing a home. Our realtors and their local partners can work with our hometown heroes — teachers, firefighters, military/veterans, police and first responders to save significant money!

Ways you can save are:

  • Discounts on Home Inspection, up to $150 value
  • Basic Home warranty, up to $450 value
  • Reduced lender fees, up to $2,000 value, waive processing fee and/or waive appraisal fee. (Typically lender waives Processing and Appraisal.)
  • Reduced Real Estate Commission of up to 25% off fees when buying or selling
  • Title company donation to Bridge The Gap foundation