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Heroes Housing Fall Festival Event

 Get ready for a fantastic fall festival at Gadson Park on October 28th!  Join us for a day filled with family-friendly fun, including bounce houses, games, and special events for everyone. Hosted by Excel Realty and the Heroes Housing Lending Team, we’re looking for runners, sponsors, and vendors to make this event even more amazing. Whether […]

Happy International Firefighter Day

International Firefighters Day is observed annually on May 4 internationally, and this year is no exception. Fire is a powerful force and has a reputation for being destructive, but there’s so much more to fire than that. It gives energy in the form of heat, and light that is critical for our survival. However, when […]

Hero Appreciation Week

This week is all about honoring the dedicated individuals who have chosen to give selflessly to their communities, countries, and profession. Teacher, firefighter, nurse, and military appreciation week is a celebration to honor the hard work and dedication of these outstanding individuals.   Teachers are appreciated for the countless hours they put in to ensure […]

5 Reasons Millennials Are Buying Homes

I In the United States, there are over 72 million millennials. If you’re part of that generation and have thought about buying a home, you aren’t alone. According to Zonda, 98% of millennials want to become a homeowner at some point if they aren’t already. But why? There are plenty of reasons you may choose to become a homeowner. Here’s why other […]

Why We Recommend Moving Before Spring

I Spring is usually the busiest season in the housing market. Many homebuyers wait until then to make their move, believing it’s the best time of the year. However, that isn’t always the case when you factor in the competition you could face with other buyers at that time of year. If you’re ready to […]

Homestead Exemption

What Is the Homestead Exemption? The homestead exemption is a strategy for homeowners to reduce their property taxes. In addition, most states have a legal provision that helps protect a home from some creditors once a homeowner’s spouse passes away or they file for bankruptcy. Survivor spouses may receive continuous property tax reductions because of […]

Golf Tournament For First Responders Appreciation

2023 Golf Tournament Registration In honor of Law Enforcement Officer’s Appreciation Day, STF is hosting a golf tournament on Sunday, January 8, 2022. All are welcome to join us for this day of food, golf, and fellowship. Shotgun start at 9:00 a.m. Registration will open at 8:00. The cost is $75 per person, which includes […]

Heroes Housing Market Update

Consumer inflation continues to cool, while there were some important takeaways from the Fed’s latest rate hike decision. Read on for these crucial details: ▪ What the Fed’s Latest Rate Hike Really Signals ▪ Consumer Inflation Cooler Than Expected Last Month ▪ Small Business Owners Say Inflation Remains Top Problem ▪ Shipping Data Brings Positive […]

Michele Dickson, From Army Veteran to Realtor

My name is Michele Dickson and I’m an Army Veteran I love helping my clients make one of the largest purchases of their lifetime. Helping make their home ownership dreams come true.  I like walking, working out, swimming, and listening to Jazz. My favorite team is the Panthers.   I’m from Columbia, South Carolina, and […]