My name is Michele Dickson and I’m an Army Veteran

I love helping my clients make one of the largest purchases of their lifetime. Helping make their home ownership dreams come true.

 I like walking, working out, swimming, and listening to Jazz. My favorite team is the Panthers.


I’m from Columbia, South Carolina, and I studied at Columbia High School and Georgia Southern University (It was just College then) I’m the daughter of Sergeant Major LeeRoy and Naomi Dickson Scott. I’m a mother of 6 and grandmother of 13.

Why would someone like me choose Heroes Housing?

I was looking for a way to not only help Heroes but also give back. I tried another company but chose Heroes Housing over them because of the company’s vision, structure, and the perks associated with the program.

I would definitely recommend it to both Heroes and Affiliates.

Michele Dickson

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