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Community Heroes Home-Ownership Program

Quotes from article at Tampagov.net

Eligible participants can receive a $5,000 grant to match the $15,000 provided through the City’s Program. 


  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Firefighters
  • K-12 Public School Staff
  • Other First Responders
  • Hospital/Medical Personnel
  • Code Enforcement Officers
  • Building Inspectors
  • Parks and Recreation Staff
  • Planning and Development Staff

The Community Heroes Home-ownership Program will allow us to thank our first responders in a meaningful way with a place to call home.

“Home-ownership is more than just the American Dream it is a key to housing affordability, wealth building, improving schools and neighborhood safety.  Through this program we can help our workforce to obtain a home in the City where they work, stabilize their housing cost and thank them for their service.” Said Vanessa McCleary, HCD Manager. 

FHLBank Atlanta’s Senior Vice President and Director of Community Investment Services, Arthur L. Fleming, noted that the partnership with the City of Tampa will help build strong relationships among FHLBank Atlanta member financial institutions, local governments, and local builders. “Partnering with local entities is in keeping with the mission of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta,” said Fleming. “We are excited to work with the City of Tampa and our participating member financial institutions to help some of our most deserving citizens achieve the dream of owning their own home.”  The City of Tampa received a $250,000 grant from the FHLBank of Atlanta to match $750,000 in City funding through the SHIP program.  To access the program Community Heroes should contact us today to connect you with the Homeownership program and set you up with our Heroes Housing Discounts as well! 

What does this mean to do this in conjunction with Heroes Housing?

Now not only will you be able to apply for the $20k grant but our team of Realtors, Lenders, Inspectors will still additionally contribute a portion of there commission to further offset your cost! It is a WIN-WIN for all local Heroes of Tampa Bay!

Helping Hometown Heroes save thousands when buying or selling a home