Heroes Housing HR

Happy Veterans Day!

Today I wanted to give a big Shout Out to John Robinson! One of our original clients and now the Team Lead of one of our largest teams in Heroes Housing.

His passion for helping local heroes goes beyond helping with housing. Being a Marine Corps veteran with tours in Afghanistan I understand what it is like for service members to come home and want to have a place to call their own. Over the years  I have worked tirelessly to ensure returning service members get the assistance they need and have the resources readily available to be successful. This program helped me purchase my first home which means I not only believe in the program but feel comfortable recommending it to others. As the years pass we are able to help more and more local veterans, first responders, and educators become homeowners. There is no better program out there for our local heroes.


In 2019 John was inducted as an Honorary Commander for 6th Logistics Readiness Squadron on Macdill AFB. And has spent the last year supporting the base, the mission, and all the service members who work tirelessly to ensure we are safe.

While he is active on Macdill, a Fulltime Firefighter with HCFR he still has time to be the Team Lead for Trident Property group and coaches his team to record numbers, all while assisting his fellow Heroes.

Thank you John you are the reason we do what we do and appreciate your support in our community and program.