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Heroes Housing Board Member of the week, Mr July

Mr. July, Jerome Mancilas is one of our adorable heroes on our board, not only is he a fire fighter but he is also a retired marine.


We love having him on our board because he can give us inside scoop on what retired and active military are dealing with insight that we cant even understand.   I am blessed in my job to get to know our heroes as we enter the buying process and they end up being like one of our own kids. But I will never forget the first time we met and we went over his needs and wants list. He said, I know it probably isn\’t possible but I want some land, and I want to on the water and I want to keep it under 200k. To be honest I never thought that would be possible but I was willing to try. We went through some touch times with the loss of his good friend and an injury of another but when he was ready to focus on the process of buying a home the perfect one showed up.  I am finding that is exactly what normally happens. The perfect home find you if you just look in the right places, have an open mind and have patience.

What I didnt realize untill later he was a marine and worked in haz mat with HCFR which only grew our respect for him. This is a man who puts his life on the line for our safety and freedom and for that we are greatful!

He works 3 jobs and still finds time to be on our board and give to others! He didnt skip a beat when we asked him to sit on our board for Heroes Housing Foundation and his insight to the veterens have helped us partner up with some amazin organizations.\"FB_IMG_1468999864876\"

I say this alot but its very true, the personality who does this job is one I admire and appreciate and the kindess inside is nest described as a gentle giant. But for all of our single followers when it came to my attention he was Mr July we couldnt let the month go by without recognizing him! Thank you Jerome for all you do! Hope he doesnt kill me for posting his Mr July 2016 calender shot!?