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The quality of air that we breathe in all living and work environments could be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Odor is a common issue in all living environments and it can be offensive while the cause may also be dangerous. But what about the dangers of bacterial and viral content that we cannot see or smell? Our system effectively destroys these organisms. In our homes and our workplaces some of the highest numbers of contamination are present in areas that are extremely difficult to access. Puroclenz can penetrate microscopic cracks, crevices, and organic matter. It is safe on all surfaces and materials. The main component is considered \” Green Chemistry\” as the ultimate breakdown product is a compound of simple salt and is universally recognized as non-toxic.

PuroClenz, non-patented product for proprietary purposes is a highly potent, fast acting bactericide and viricide. It does not form toxic by-products, and leaves no residual toxicity. It will eliminate both planktonic and sessile bacteria, disinfect surfaces and rapidly destroys problematic biofilm. The oxidation process promotes molecular and organic inhibitors that destroys cellular activity. With minimal contact time, it is highly effective against many pathogenic organisms including bacterial spores, mold spores, dust mites, Influenza, Staph, Legionella, Tuberculosis, MRSA, VRE, Listeria, Salmonella, amoebal cysts, E.coli, and Cryptosporidium. By destroying the biofilm, the bacterial regrowth is significantly impeded.


Ozone is generally regarded as having the highest oxidation strength and reacts with oxidizable substances. In practical terms, this is often UNDESIRABLE since a number of side reactions can take place causing undesirable disinfection by-products. PuroClenz has a lower oxidation strength then ozone, but is more powerful than chlorine. Less PuroClenz is required to obtain an active residual disinfectant. Unlike ozone, PuroClenz can also be used when a large amount of organic matter is present. The cell walls of bacteria are penetrated by PuroClenz causing cell metabolism to be disrupted. PuroClenz also reacts directly with amino acids and the RNA in the cells. Unlike non-oxidizing disinfectants PuroClenz kills microorganism even when they are inactive. Microorganisms are unable to build up resistance to PuroClenz.



Chlorine does not remove biofilm PuroClenz does. Chlorine is ineffective against complex organisms as it does not have an active oxidation process. PuroClenz is a very broad spectrum killer of bacteria, virus, fungi and allergens, thereby literally cleaning the air.



Mold is a common problem in many types of dwellings. Mold spores lie dormant, requiring the proper combination of environmental conditions-heat, water, (or high humidity) and stagnant air to bloom and begin to feast on an astounding array of “food sources”. An old air conditioning system may be producing millions of mold spores, spewing them into the air in your home or building. The University of Oklahoma libraries uses the main proprietary ingredients in PuroClenz. as an atmosphere-activated gas to control mold.

Latest Testimonial:


\”We used the PuroClenz Product on a 2013 F350 Super Duty flood unit we took in…really nice custom truck. Everything in the vehicle was brand new; carpet, headliner, leather interior, door panels – you name it but the vehicle had a terribly strong mildew odor that we could not eradicate. Everything we used including Odo-Ban just seemed to cover it up. I bought the PuroClenz Product and took the truck home with me to make the application. The simple 2 stage process was easy and I did it overnight in my driveway. The next morning all the Mildew Smell was gone, no BS! We turned an “unsellable” truck into a “deal” with a single application. What a great product, we are hooked! Thanks for the lead on PuroClenz it’s a deal saver.”

– Michael Lasini, CarBuyerUSA

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