Heroes Housing HR

Real life Heroes on the board of our Foundation


As a Realtor you never know what client you have next and if you both will work well together, but from the first conversation I knew this was going to be a great fit! I decided to do a post on Lieutenant Merrit this morning after recieving this picture in a text this morning stating, \”Oh I forgot to tell you, I delivered a baby yesturday.\”

When Celia Merrit isn\’t working 24 hours on as a lieutenant with HCFR she is finishing her nursing degree, a single mom to an amazing little mini me, a daughter who cares for her mother and family.
When we started looking for homes she was very specific in her needs and wants, she needed shade because her mother is on a chemo that she can not have exposure, she needed to be close enough to the hospital in case of an emergency and to her mothers regular appointments with Moffit. Because she has to get off duty, take her child to school and be at Moffit for more tests. She wanted a pool and a place for her daughter to be able to bring her friends and created an amazing home for her, her mother and daughter.
On top of any of that she started running the team for HCFF stair climb and has been the top fundraiser for this year.
So when I gently asked if she would be interested in assisting Heroes Housing Foundation I was shocked she agreed.
We are greatful for all of her assistance with our events and fundraising and what a huge heart she has for her fellow Heroes Of Tampa.
She is small in statue but HUGE in heart and drive. She is an inspiration to us daily.