Heroes Housing HR

Thankful to our Heroes

As Thanksgiving approaches we wanted to take a moment to Thank our local Heroes.

Heroes Come in all types, you have your Firefighters, Health Care Professionals, Law Enforcement officers, Military and Teachers in our Heroes Housing program.

We cant thank our Heroes enough for showing up while the rest of the world can be home safe with our family. We dont give it much thought but its just something we all expect and instead of being grateful we are just oblivious to the others who have children missing there mommy or daddy and wives or parents alone wishing they could have there loved ones home.

As a wife of a Firefighter I know all too well what that looks like. We spent many holidays apart or reworking or the best is packing up our holiday and going into the station and having with the Fire Family.

So this year, we took pie day to a knew level and we took pies to the Fire-stations as a special Thank you for working.