Heroes Housing HR

Who and Why We Serve

Going back through the our marketing videos and past closings reminded us of who and why we serve our local Heroes and we wanted to thank our past clients and express why we have made the decision to launch not just in Florida but in every state.

When you watch this video understand this was created last December at the end of the year and a recap of few of our clients from that year. We have Firefighters who also fought for our country in war, we have couples that started with us as clients and now married and it warms my heart they are now having children.

Our clients are not just clients but they have become friends and some like family. We have been so very honored to serve those who serve our community daily.

You will also see some of the events we have been honored to assist in by sponsoring.

We wanted to make sure to get this video out before we head into the end of this year.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgL2TfXPkpU[/embedyt]

Between 2017-2018 our Company has given $25,000.00 to local Heroes during there time of Tragedy and Illness and our goal is to create our foundation to double that and our reach in 2019.

We have started our National Launch  to reach every County in every State by 2020 to further grow our reach in helping Heroes.

Why do we do this?  During the Foreclosure crisis I ran a modification company and worked in foreclosure prevention for 5 years and during this time 80% of our clients were in our Heroes classifications. That just seemed so wrong. These people who risk their lives, who miss holidays and other important events for our community are the very ones who were effected the most so our Foundations mission is to fill in the gap when tragedy hits to make there first mortgage while they wait for there disability or other insurance to take effect.

If you would like more information on how to get involved please enter your information below.