Heroes Housing HR

We appreciate our Heroes!

When the rest of the world walks out…they walk in. Thank you for all of the birthdays, holidays and anniversary\’s you miss for our safety. This page is dedicated to you….our hero\’s. As a wife of a fireman I am in constant awe of what all of you do. And you do it with love of the job and your brothers and sisters in the department. Not one of you signed up for the pay but for the love of the job. I know first hand the need to go out into our community and raise money to assist our first responders in home ownership. Back when I was fighting foreclosure sadly quite a few of my clients were Police, Fireman and teachers because they are terribly under paid for their selfless work. Please share this page to anyone who could benefit from our programs. I personally have pledged to give back 25% of my commission to my clients and have partnered with lenders, inspectors, ect to save our Hero\’s thousands of dollars in the transaction as well as working with local business to show their appreciation. We will also be posting other local discounts to our hero\’s (firemen,police,medical field, teachers, military.