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Heroes Housing: The Best Homebuying Option For Today’s Market

In the past few years, whether you are a realtor, or mortgage lender, or have bought or rented an apartment or house, we have seen prices go up as well as interest rates which have had a tremendous impact on housing and rent prices. Coupled with a housing shortage in many housing markets across the […]

Marry The House/Date The Rate With a 3-2-1 Buydown

Marry The House/Date The Rate The idea is relatively straightforward, you buy a home you really want regardless of available financing terms. The mortgage rate you receive, even if high today, isn’t your forever rate because you can always refinance down the road. Marry The House A lot of homeowners buy a particular piece of […]

What does Veterans Day Mean to Me | By Louis C. Drummond Jr.

When you sign up to become a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine, you are taking a commitment to defend this great country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We are willing to put our lives on the line so that the rights and freedoms that many values can remain in place. The duties and sacrifices […]

Jan Pittard, Passionate to Serve


My name is Jan Pittard and I’m an occupational therapist and SRES certified The reason why I choose these careers is because I love helping people, even though Clinic work is getting to be too much for me I still want to leverage my skills in-home assessments and modifications into my Realtor career. I love […]

Dwayne Caricofe, A Hero For His Community


My Name is Dwayne Caricofe and I’m a Firefighter/EMT The reason why I choose this career is that I love my community. I was Born and raised in Augusta County, Virginia, and I’ve raised my 2 daughters who both live here with their families. My grandkids need to see firsthand that we must give back […]

3 Things That Home Buyers Could Do In Today’s Market

Based on statistics made by experts: Compared to one year ago, the monthly mortgage payment increased from $1,265 to $1,944 (+53.7%) If you’re planning on buying a home that may be a big increase in the monthly mortgage payment, and it may be causing you to postpone your home-buying plans. This increase is making homes […]

Azeta Towfighi, A Realtor That Teaches

Azeta Susan TowfighiDRE# 01429740Liberty Business Advisors – CommercialLiberty Homes & Properties –  Residential ePro, AHWD & Heroes Housing Programhttps://www.azetatowfighi.com/https://www.heroeshousing.com/azeta-towfighi/https://promotions.hotdeals4heroes.com/azeta-towfighiatowfighi66@gmail.comcell: 916-521-7390  

Find Out The Right Jumbo Loan For YOU

If your client\’s goal is purchasing a new home in 2022 make sure they have the right loan product from the start. This year will bring the same challenges as last year — rising home prices and tight inventory. Jumbo loans were in demand last year and many homebuyers did not meet the qualifications for […]

The Top Indicator if You Want To Know Where Mortgage Rates Are Heading

Mortgage rates have increased significantly since the beginning of the year. Each Thursday, Freddie Mac releases its Primary Mortgage Market Survey. According to the latest survey, the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has risen from 3.22% at the start of the year to 3.55% as of last week. This is important to note because any increase […]

4 Ways to hit your Homebuying goals this year

1- Save for your down payment To help you reach your savings goal. automate your cheking account and set aside a portion of each paycheck to go directly into your homebuying fund. 2- Work on your credit Your credit score impacts your future home loan. Consider credit monitoring so you can keep track of your […]