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Are you stru

Are you struggling with obtaining financing on a home?

If you are tired of renting and wanting to get prepared to be a homeowner we can take a look and do a soft qualification. We want to make home-ownership available to everyone!

Too many of us are unable to buy a home due to high home prices, stagnant wages, and strict mortgage approvals. We believe in leveling the playing field by making it possible to enjoy the benefits of owning a home sooner rather than later.

☑ Complete an application

It’s free, fast, and won’t impact your credit score. It takes only 5 minutes to pre-qualify.

☑ Get approved for a budget

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a budget to go home shopping.

☑ Choose your dream home

Partner with an agent to find your dream home. Choose from any home on the market that qualifies.

☑ Investor pays for the home

We’ll pay for the home in cash and cover all fees, closing costs, taxes and insurance. All we need is a down payment of 3-4%.

☑Move in and save

Move into your home and start saving to gradually build up ownership of the home. Most of our customers are able to become mortgage-eligible in less than three years.

☑ Buy the home or walk away with savings

At any point you can choose to either buy back the home with the money you’ve saved, or move out and cash out your savings.

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