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Down Payment Assitance

Heroes Housing is pleased to annouce the launch of our Down Payment Assitance Program available to all Local Heroes

Forgivable DPA program. With this program, the borrower receives a 30-year term, 0% rate, no payment, second mortgage. Borrowers will need to meet the minimum FICO score of 620 and have a qualifying income equal or less than 115% of the median income for the county in which the borrower will live. The loan is forgiven as soon as the borrower makes 36 consecutive on-time payments on the FHA first mortgage. If the borrower makes more than 115%, they will be expected to repay the DPA over a 10 or 30 year term.


*Heroes Housing Lender Affiliates nor any of their products are approved by or affiliated with Fannie Mae

EVERY HERO IN AMERICA should have access to affordable housing. We make that happen by providing credit-worthy Heroes the financial tools to purchase a home. We assist home buyers by overcoming the challenge of the minimum investment required for a mortgage. If you are a local Hero in need of down payment assistance, complete the form below.

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