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The Heroes Housing Process

We offer a no-obligation free consultation.  There is no pressure to use our Affiliates, but once your learn about all the benefits we are positive you will love everything we provide as a thank you for your service.

Become Part of the Community

When you connect with Heroes Housing you become part of the community. We connect you with local affiliates in your area who ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. Consumer Experience is our top priority.

we are here to serve you

Our local affiliates are here to serve you. They know your local market and how to navigate those markets to win. We streamline the process to ensure a white-glove consumer experience from start to finish

We close - you win

This is when all the rewards come together and save you thousands. All parties will come together, sign the appropriate paperwork and close your transaction. All proper credit will be applied and another Local Hero will have been delivered a massive Thank You for your service!

We provide everything you need to successfully buy or sell a home and save thousands.

Heroes Housing Assistance

Heroes Housing provides discounts and financial support, and can save thousands when selling or purchasing a home. Our realtors and their local partners can work with our hometown heroes — teachers, firefighters, military/veterans, police and first responders to save significant money!

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Down Payment Assitance

Buying a home can be expensive. Have you been dreaming about buying a home but you need some help to get your foot in the door?Down Payment Assistance (DPA) may be an option for you. Down payment assistance often falls within two categories: a grant or a loan. You do not need to pay back a down payment assistance grant if you meet the program requirements. A down payment assistance loan you must pay back, but there is usually no interest or very low interest on the down payment loan, often called a silent second mortgage.

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Credit Repair

1- Clean Up Your Past
2- Track Your Present
3- Change Your Future

Founded by Capt Kevin Roger, a retired firefighter, and his wife Scarlett Roger, we have a passion and drive to help you get back in control of your finances. Every consumer's situation is unique, we will empower you and assist you in reaching your financial goals. We provide a FREE consultation and create an action plan to improve your credit, we can help

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Bridge the gap foundation

Heroes Housing Foundations mission is to step in for those Hometown Heroes when disaster strikes by assisting with housing and/or emotional support.

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Hot Deals for heroes

Heroes Housing has teamed up with local restaurants, retail shops and more to bring exclusive discounts to our Local Heroes. Does your business provide discounts to our Heroes? We would like to add you to our website. Check out your local discounts or add your business today.

Start Saving

sponsorship and media opportunities

We provide startuppers with all needed assistance in financial, legal, economical, human resources and other issues to establish their brands, open shops, etc.

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